walking in the spirit

Galatians 5: 16—26, 1st Corinthians 2:9-16, John 16: 5—15, Romans 8: 1 – 17

From creation, God made man in His own image and likeness and gave to him an awareness, knowledge, understanding and wisdom that no other creature in the physical realm possess.  God also gave to man, self-will, creativity, authority and responsibility that singled him out as a unique creation with power to govern and dominate his environment.  So God’s original intention was having man on earth as His representative and hence the need for man to live and walk like his creator.

But God is a Spirit, the omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscience one and so man can only relate with Him in a spiritual way and this was the case until man disconnected himself and broke the spiritual relationship with God. Genesis 3: 1 – 27.  Since God has promised to restore man after being made to fall by the devil, Genesis 3:15, 21; there was then the need to save and deliver man from this enemy that separated him from God and to re-establish a relationship which was and is what the Lord Jesus came to accomplish by the Gospel through His death and resurrection.  Romans 5: 1 – 21; God by this singular act, achieved a great restoration of man from sin and death to life and peace with Him.  Consequently, it becomes imperative for man to walk in the spirit with God.  But how do we walk in the spirit with God?

  • By our relationship with God
  • By our worship of God
  • By our daily walk with God

OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD: Romans 3:23, 5:1–2;  When man disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden, sin took over his nature and the devil became his master.  So for any relationship to occur between man and God there has to be a self motivated choice of making peace with God through repentance from sin and accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour by whose power sin has been defeated and salvation brought to mankind.  After this spiritual rebirth or being born again, the power of God’s spirit by the word of God (the scripture) renews and transform or regenerate man and re-establish a relationship with him or her.  It is from this point that a person, now a child of God, can begin to hear from God through His word and His voice and be led to walk in the spirit.  Romans 8: 10-16; Galatians 5: 16-26; John 3: 3-7; Romans 6: 1-4; 1st John 3: 5-10.

OUR WORSHIP OF GOD: John 4: 1-24. When our relationship has been re-established, the next step is to establish our altar of communion or fellowship which was also lost at Eden. Genesis 3: 8-11.  It is on this altar that we give adoration, exaltation, praise, reference and honour to the Lord as we worship Him in submission to His will under the following  conditions:

  1. Every altar has a temple.  In the old testament, this temple was a building but today it is those who are born again and the altar is the time and moment of reference, meditation and praise unto the Lord 1st Corinthians 3:16; 6:19-20.  As a temple, we are God’s dwelling place (Psalm 45:6) and hence Holiness, Reference and the fear of God must be our attributes.


  1. Devotion: Worship is done through devotion.  We must be committed to God for His glory and praise.  Devotion includes personal and collective or general time of fellowship with the Lord.  Hebrews 12: 22-24, 10:25.  It is also a time of meditation in God’s words, prayers and communion with God. Isaiah 50:4-5; 1st Corinthians 7: 35; Acts of The Apostles 20:7
  1. In Spirit & Truth: John 4: 10-14, 7: 37-39.  The spirit of God leads and directs the worshipper in and with Truth.  The word of God is the Truth and the Spirit, John 6: 63, 17:17.  This worship is commanded by the lord Jesus Christ who Himself is the Truth, the Word and the Spirit.


  1. In rendering service to God:  When we render service such as showing of love, kindness, mercy and goodness to others, witnessing, intercession and praises, we render it unto the Lord as part of our obedience, submission and worship.  Deuteronomy 10: 12-22.  All worship is done in love as we affectionately and passionately express our devotion and appreciation of all His works.  The highest and greatest communion with God is fellowship in the spirit of God through His word.  In worship, we receive mercy, truth and grace.  John 1: 12-14.

Having seen that our walk in the spirit begins with “our relationship with God” followed by “our worship” and now the third which is “our daily walk with God”.  Now, we shall discover the three major ways by which we walk with God daily.  These ways include:

  • Walking by Faith
  • Walking in the Spirit
  • Walking in Truth

We must not forget that our walk with God is a spiritual one for God is a spirit.  We must also understand that physical reasoning does not justify spiritual principles for they can only be appropriately explained by the spirit of God. 1st Corinthians 2:11-14


  • Walking by Faith: 2nd Corinthians 5:7; Galatians 3:11; Romans 10:17; Galatians 5:15-18; Hebrews 11:1-6.  Faith simply means believing and acting on God’s word.  In faith principles, you believe first before you see, you believe the word of God which was given by the spirit of God and which can only be understood today through the spirit of God who also empowers the word of God into fulfillment and effectiveness in the life of the believer.  The word is empowered as we read it, meditate on it, confess it, pray with it and act on it in obedience to all its demands, counsel and instructions.
  • Walking in the Spirit: John 4:24; 1st Corinthians 2:12-13.  To walk in the spirit means living by the leading, counsel, direction, instruction and virtues, fruits or attributes of the Holy Spirit.  Here, a clear line of demarcation is observed (Galatians 5:16-26).  No one walks in the spirit who is dominated and controlled by the passions, affections and gratifications of the flesh.  Every tendency and propensities to please the flesh against the spirit is evidence that the flesh is in charge.  The flesh is simply defined by the scripture as “our sinful nature” or “man’s canal nature”.  To this end, you must understand that to walk in the spirit is to live in obedience to the whole counsel of the word of God.  John 6:63; Romans 8:5-9
    • The spirit of God leads us by testifying or witnessing about God in our spirit.  Romans 8:14-16; John 15:26 & 27
    • The spirit of God quickens or makes us alive spiritually and physically. Romans 8:10 & 11
    • The spirit of God strengthens our spirit above the spirit of this world. Romans 8:9-14
    • The spirit of God teaches us the truth and reveals to us the mind of God concerning us.  1st Corinthians 2:10-12; John 16:12-14
    • The spirit of God helps us to pray. Romans 8:26-27
    • The spirit of God reveals God and His ways to us more clearly. John 16:12-15
    • The spirit of God counsels us in all issues of life. John 14:16-17
    • The spirit of God reveals and tells us what is to come.  John 16:13
    • When the spirit of God is in control, the flesh is in subjection and God is in charge.  Strive therefore to walk in the spirit.
    • Walking in Truth: 2nd Corinthians 3:1-18; John 8:31-36; John 17:17; John 14:6; John 4:24; Psalm 119:160.  The Lord Jesus defined the truth in John 17:!7 as the word of God.  The scripture also declares in John 1:14 that Jesus is the word of God full of Grace and Truth.  The Lord Himself declared in John 14:6 that He is the way, the Truth and the Life.  We can only walk in the truth as we believe, know and practice or live by the word of God.  Walking in Truth is the only prove that we are indeed walking in the spirit daily.  Know these:
  • Truth remains hidden until discovered vie the teaching and learning of the word. 1st Corinthians 2:13
  • Unknown and unseen things remain secret until revealed by the light of the word.  2nd Corinthians 3:9 & 10; Genesis 1:3,6,9,11,14,20 & 24; Deuteronomy 29:29
  • It is only the renewed or regenerated man in Christ that can hear and understand the truth as spoken by the voice and the spirit of God.  Ephesians 5:18-20; 1st Corinthians 2:9-10
  • A discovery of the mind of God concerning you is a discovery of the truth about God’s will for your life and destiny.  Jeremiah 29:11-13
  • When the word of God is opened to your spirit, its power liberates you from all shackles of sin, oppression and all demonic bondage.  John 8:31-32; 2nd Corinthians 3:6, 14-18
  • Only the promises and counsel of God constitute the truth.
  • The spirit of God reveals the truth from the mind of God through the scripture to us as we read, hear, meditate and pray.
  • The combination, application and operations of the whole counsel of God represents the truth.  Isaiah 34:16 & 17

May God Bless you as you walk in the spirit continually.

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