last days

From the beginning of time, the earth has passed through a series of events, from the awesome to the awful, from the great to the minor and from one state of crisis to development and back to crisis in an endless cycle. In all these, man, the one and major piece of contention and attention, has maintained a track record of inconsistency in behaviour, character and relationship with his Creator and Maker, the Author and Originator of all known and unknown creation, even the living and Almighty God. Beginning from the creation of the heavens and the earth and unto the creation of the first known and identified man, Adam, who fell from God's glory (Genesis 3:1-13), there has been a lot of changes in the earth, from the state when at creation the earth was without form and void (Genesis 1:1) to the days of Noah when man again corrupted his ways before God (Genesis 6:1-13); and thereby God destroyed the then civilization by flood, leaving only eight persons who listened to His voice, and unto the tower of Babel where man attempted to reach God with staircases built to the high heavens. They were destroyed because they did not choose to follow the word of God handed down to them by Noah, but chose to build their ways to God (just as it is today, when man has chosen democracy, capitalism and occultism) and had their civilization destroyed, scattered and dispersed to all parts of the earth(Genesis 11). After this, man began to evolve into clans, tribes, nations and continent from which also came strife, wars, destruction of man by man and its accompanying calamities. This stage however also brought more civilization, developments and inventions that have become a source of modern day degeneration and perversion against God's ways.

This state, however, is not a surprise today to those who can discern through the word of God, which has foretold what will come up at this TIME; scripturally called “THE LAST DAYS.” But what do we mean by THE LAST DAYS?
From Abraham (Genesis 12), God decided to reach out to man again and to establish another relationship so as to restore man back to his rightful and originally intended purpose. Through this new move, God brought Moses who gave some guiding rules and principles of decent and godly living called the Law of Moses (or the Torah), but this was insufficient to completely regenerate and transform degenerated man to a God-acceptable state. So He then sent His WORD to materialize into the human form and be called the Savior, the Son of God and the Son of Man at the same time. This title He bore because He alone would be able to expressly, adequately and permanently reunite, rejoin and reconcile fallen, depraved and degenerated man back to God's plan of having a man who is created in His own image and likeness, capable of living in God's ways and in God's word, thus establishing God's holy presence on earth (John 1:1-14). The Law of Moses or the Torah couldn't achieve this because it was a body of laws applicable for man on earth at the time of his lowest state of God's consciousness. And so, it was the lowest or tutelage stage of relationship with God (Galatians 3:18-20). So God had to take the next step and that was to take man to spiritual maturity through salvation by Jesus Christ, His Word, under grace and truth by FAITH, which is the highest form of relationship with God through the Holy Spirit given to us by Jesus Christ (John 15:16; John 16:17-15).

This working of God has continued since then, but He has purposed that a time will come when all present systems and activities of man will cease. This time is called “THE LAST DAYS” (of man's authority on earth). Thereafter, Jesus Christ the Messiah will come again to the earth the second time. Firstly, He will come to take away those who obey and live by His word.
Secondly, He will judge the earth to bring an end to human ways and civilization and, thereafter, establish God's government on earth with those He first took out of the earth before the Great Judgment and destruction. But before these events will come to pass, the Spirit of God has given us a series of events that will serve as warning signs that THE LAST DAYS are here.
These signs were never so real until now. Let's see few of them under the three areas covered by the Bible.

1) Events in the World:

  1. Increase in knowledge (principles, theories, inventions, discoveries and development) Daniel 12:34
  2. Internal and external travels, Daniel 12:4
  3. Great troubles and difficulty in all human endeavors, Daniel 12:1; II Timothy 3:1
  4. Wars across the Nations, Matthew 24:6-8; Ezekiel 38 & 39
  5. Natural disasters, Matthew 24:7
  6. Great Tribulation, Matthew 24:21-22; Mark 13:19,20
  7. Increase in sin and ungodliness, Matthew 24:12
  8. Increase in social life, Matthew 24:37-39; Luke 17:26-30
  9. Re-gathering and rebuilding of Israel as a Nation (fulfilled in 1948) scattered since AD 70 by the Roman Empire, Isaiah 11:11; 12; Luke 21:28-33
  10. Recovery of Jerusalem from the Gentiles by the Jews (seized since 70 AD) recovered 1966 and 1973 Luke 21:24; Daniel 9:25, 26
  11. Problems in the planets and the  atmosphere, Luke 21: 25-26
  12. Floods across the world, Luke 21:25
  13. Unified world systems (Political, Economic, Financial, Monetary and Religion), controlled by a powerful man and his prophet (i.e. The Anti-Christ) Daniel 11:20-24; Revelation 13 and 14 (now strongly being advocated all over the world)
  14. Renewal of Idol gods and idol worship, Daniel 11:36-39; Revelation 13:1-18.

2. Events in the Church:
The Church will have its share of these events as recorded in the Scriptures, Revelation 2 & 3; Matthew 24:11; 23-26; II Peter 2:1-22

  1. Dominance of false doctrines, fallen and false faith, II Thessalonians 2:1-10; I Timothy 4:1,2; II Timothy 4:1-3; Ephesians 4:14; Matthew 7:15-23
  2. Persecution, II Timothy 3:12; Daniel 11:32-35; Daniel 12:7, 10, 11; Matthew 24:9
  3. Preference of cost-free, non-sacrificial easy Christianity, Matthew 7:13-14
  4. Outpouring of the Holy Spirit of God for the last revival, Joel 2:1-11; 23-32; Zechariah 10:1; Acts 2:16-21; Matthew 24:14.

3. Events in Individual Lives:

  1. Increase in sin and ungodliness, Matthew 24:12; II Timothy 3:1-5
  2. Lovers of self and pleasure, II Timothy 3:2,4; Matthew 24:12
  3. Religious pretence, II Timothy 3:5
  4. High immorality, II Timothy 3:5
  5. Insensitivity and departure from the truth, II Timothy 3:7-9
  6. Unbelief, II Peter 3:3-4
  7. Increase in wickedness and deception, II Timothy 3:13
  8. Hardness of heart, Revelation 22:11, 12
  9. Lawlessness (disorderliness, indecency, immodest attitude, obscenity, insubordination, rebellious and seditious behavior), Matthew 7:23; II Thessalonians 2:7.
The spirit of the last day is at work now, only Jesus can save you today. There are many more, friends, but these few are enough to alert you. Have you given your life to Jesus the Christ? Are you prepared? If not, pray with me: Lord Jesus, I give my life to you today, save me and fill me with your Spirit. Amen.
"This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come." 2 Timothy 3:1

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