Are you ready?

In the early hours of 1st Oct 1993 came this revelation and it has remained as one of those that have neither fainted off nor forgotten from my memory.

It all started with a journey from my residence at No. 16 Idowu Street, Ikate, Lagos, Nigeria along with a young man like myself, though of a younger age. We were going on a journey to a city which appears to be known to us but which route was not too familiar except for the fact that we knew which direction to follow at the start.

So we set out for the journey going through a bush – farm like path in the evening. As we were moving progressively on the path, we came to a junction with three different paths, one to the left, one straight ahead and one to the right. The one to the left looked far more open with grasses only, the middle one had a thick bush while the one rightward was very narrow, dark and with thick forest.
On the spot I knew and was convinced inwardly in my spirit and in my mind that the rightward path, though looking fearsome was the right and shortest path, the middle one straight ahead was a very far distant, and an uncertain path that will likewise get to where we were going but with very high probability of dropping out before the end of the journey. I also strongly perceived that the left path will never get to our destination.

At this point my partner decided to take to the left path in spite of all persuasion and pressure that I tried to put on him not to follow that path.

I then quickly made-up my mind and took to the right path. As soon as I entered the path, I knew the only means to go through that thick dark forest was strong courage, restless running and ignoring of all threat, danger and fear. So I took to my toes and began to run deep, deep and deeper into the thick dark forest, very much beyond my shock, all sort of terrible wild animals, reptiles and wild looking birds began to threaten me, but because I knew deep within me that looking back means ending up being devoured. I just had to keep running while pleading the Blood of Jesus and making effort to run faster as the path get narrower, darker and my leg heavier.

However, I notice that from within me, I was getting a leading as I ran alone in the dark path, I knew when to jump, how far or how high to jump, when to negotiate a bending. I was fully persuaded within me not to look to my left or right where the threats were coming from, so I could only look ahead though seeing little or nothing at times when it was becoming very demanding on me to slow down and have a rest, may be just walk a little, it would then seems as though from behind me a terrible monster or wild beast will overtake and block my movement, so I just had to keep the pace until soon after as it appeared very early in the morning I finally came out of the forest into a cleared farm land with so many people, some coming out of the forest, some coming from the outlet out of the straight middle path right at the far end of the farm land and looking already very tired, worn-out and complaining at the same time, while some were already giving-up.

Ahead of us was a nice looking mountain at the front end of the cleared farm land which every one of us in the farm understood to be the final point of our journey. But it was compelling to keep running since there was a limited time to get across a thin line before crossing into the mountain side.

I then noticed that at this point, I was no more running but was rather floating, strong and able to move to and fro in the air while monitoring those who were either tired and fainting and those who already had given-up and did not want to proceed or just couldn’t proceed even though they were making attempt.

Some from the forest were floating and also encouraging others who were weary. I also noticed that those who were running without looking back or tired and with all concentration had one common features and characteristics. Firstly, they were not mindful of any thing around them, their cloths were so moderate, some had even dropped their shoes in order not to be disturbed.  Secondly, they had  no load with them, nothing whatsoever to distract them – on the contrary, those who couldn’t run any more where those complaining bitterly of one thing or the other, some about money, children, bad shoe, etc, some who were willing to run were hindered by the attention they were paying to their dresses and shoes, while some, the type of shoes and dresses they put on did not allow them free movement, some were trying to drag some kind of bags, some were dismayed, discouraged and in distress as they seems to think it was no more possible to continue and were trying to look back. Most awfully, I noticed great clouds of darkness building up and becoming thicker from the rear end of the farm land while the forest was already thick dark.

So I began to encourage those who were weary to move on, that it was soon going to be over and again pointing them to the dark cloudy and stormy threat in the sky, from behind and beside some responded as they did away with whatever distracted them, while some still wearied themselves with complains and other distractions.

At this juncture, I knew time was against me, so I left all and flew straight to the timing line by the mountain where I met those who had crossed the line already and those who were just getting there. On the mountain was an elderly looking man with white flowing hair all over his head and beard and dressed in a white robe with smiles welcoming every one. As soon as we crossed the line, a white lighted substance flowed across it automatically stopping all coming behind. Some were still complaining, dragging one thing or the other and majority of whom were just tiredly walking. And instantaneously, darkness, storm and great quake enveloped them while those on the mountain side were all with white robe singing, dancing and rejoicing.

Please patiently read the following passages:

Psalm 53,  54,  5,  56  &  57. 1st Corinth. 7 vs. 29 – 31. 1st Jn. 2:15-17. Luke. 21:25-36. Matt. 24:10-14. John. 17

The beginning of the journey indicates the period of our adventures in our individual lives on earth.

The road junction represents the time of cross road in life when we have to make choices and take a stand on issues that will affect the remaining part of our lives on earth and beyond.

The different path represents the different choices available before us. The left path represents choices that takes us away from God to eternal separation from God and His way. The straight middle path represents choices that are partly for God and partly for the flesh and rightward path the choices that are totally surrendered to God. Matt. 24:13; 2nd Tim. 3:5-15.

The grass land represents the easiness of this world leading to destruction.

The thick bush represents the half hearted choice of combining the world with godliness with little or no sacrifice or self-denial.

The thick forest shows the state of total denial of self and the world for God and the threat posed by the opposing kingdom of darkness against the true believer.

The thick cloud represents the time of peril, distress, hardship, difficulty and trials that will purge and prepare God’s people while at the same time reminding the world of the end of God’s salvation and the punishment coming upon all mankind as a consequence of God’s judgment due to sin and disobedience.

Be warned!


"Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame." Revelation:16:15

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