Are you ready?

This revelation, which I received on 1st January 1991, has remained indelible in my memory and in the process of time, I have also received deeper understanding on its meaning.

It was a cool and dark evening with the sky adorned with stars, I was standing outside, within a kind of a courtyard that is located in between very tall skyscraper buildings with thick glass walls and just three doors on the ground floor. The building has but one broad base like a hall at the ground floor while the upper floors were separated into three buildings that seemed to connect again together at the top. 

Suddenly, a very heavy storm come up with snow falling simultaneously with rain water. Immediately, I realized that I had to help people to escape the storm and get into the building. On attempting to open the door, I find out that the first and second door were no more accessible into the building as both were linked to the third door through the broad base hall, so I had to rush to keep the third door open as it has a direct access with an automatic lift that immediately evacuate people as they enter into the different floors of the building.

At this point, I started calling on all to come to the third door. As this was going on, a very big snow from the sky and out of the rain water fell on the courtyard and turn to a large vultur-like bird that immediately began to fly defying the storm, and in a short while, the scary bird turned to a human being, a man with a flowing jacket like the type usually worn during very cold winter in Europe designed like a long rain coat, while his inner wear was that of a combat soldier more like a warrior with sword of the Roman Empire period. His eyes were very reddish and burning like coals of fire with a very fierce countenance. I became more alarmed and began to practically drag and shout on people to rush into the open door as it was getting more dangerous to be outside and also more difficult to move or run out of the storm.   

Then came the second big snow ball that barely touched the ground before it change to another wild bird and quickly change into a beast and then a human warrior. Suddenly, all the little snow balls began to change to either one form of bird, reptile or weird looking creature covering every where and seizing all those they met outside and also attempting to come close to the building but could not have access. At this point, the doors closed permanently and no one could come in or go out and I watch as the demonic creatures took over every where.

In the building there was warmth; great joy, singing and shouts of Hallelujah as of overcomers.
During this period, I lived at Ikate in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria and was a member of the CAC English Assembly, at No 4, Babalola Street, Lawanson, Suru-Lere, Lagos

Below is the interpretation:
This revelation has two parts, a personal and general part:-  I will take only the general part in this write-up.
The building with three doors, a floor base, three separate structures above the base and a corridor hall that links the last door, represent God’s redemptive work beginning with the Law, and the prophet that leads into Christ, the only and final door into eternal life and of Gods Kingdom. Pls. read Gal. 3 vs 18-29; Jn. 10:1-9; 27-29; Matt. 17:1-6; Matt. 11:12, 13; Lk. 16:16; 29-31; Rms. 3:21, 22; Matt. 4:17.
The people in the courtyard represent Christians seeking succor and refuge in God as they turn away from the world.
·        The darkness and the storm represent the time of trouble in these last days. Matt. 24:1- 8; 2nd Tim. 3:1.
·        The last door represents Christ Jesus. Jn. 14:6; Jn. 10:9
·        The first two doors represent the law and the prophet as symbolized by Moses and Elijah.
·        The snow balls represent all kinds of affliction that will befall mankind in the last days and the spirits behind them.
·        The two big snow balls that turn to birds, beast and human warriors are the Spirit of the Anti-Christ and false prophet now alive on earth. The rushing of people into the building through the last door represent those that are ready to sacrifice comfort of this world and the cares of this life as they give their lives to Christ, truly trusting in Him alone and taking refuge in Him. The moment the door closed represent the rapture and the rowdy creatures seizing all humans represent the time of great tribulation on earth. Rev. Chapter 6 – 18.

Are you prepared? The second coming of Jesus Christ is nearer than you think.  Be ready for Him everyday.  If you are not yet truly born again, repent now and receive Jesus as your personal lord and savior and believe His words.

"These things have I spoken unto you in proverbs: but the time cometh, when I shall no more speak unto you in proverbs, but I shall shew you plainly of the Father." John:16:25
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