What you must know about PRAYER

Daniel 9: 1 - 23
  1. A prayerful Christian is a powerful and spiritual Christian.
  2. Prayer is the only medium to maintain our territory and authority.
  3. Without prayer, our place, position and possession are not secured.
  4. Prayer connects us to God as an electric cable connects our appliances to electrical energy
  5. Seriousness in prayer shows how much and how serious you really believe God.
  6. Your prayer life is an evidence of how much you depend on God because the more you depend on God, the more prayerful you become.
  7. The stronger we are in prayer, the stronger we are in the spirit.
  8. Our qualifications, positions, tithes and activities does not replace, compensate or compliment our prayers.  With them all, we must be prayerful.
  9. That our physical success as people of God depends on our spiritual success through prayers with God.  2nd Corinthians 10: 3 – 6
  10. When you feel like giving up, or turning back, that is when you need to rise and pray more and more.
  11. Whatever you can think or talk about, you can pray about them all and have the right answer.
  12. That the morning comes after the darkest point of the night, so your answer is right there where it appears its all a wasted time.
  13. When you feel like closing the chapter, that is when God is about to open the strong room and a new chapter for you.
  14. God never forgets, never fails, never deceives, never hides his face or ear from us.  He sees, hears and will surely answer you.
  15. What you see inside as you pray is what you will receive.
No Prayer No Victory
Little Prayer
Little Victory
Constant Prayer
Constant Victory
Much Prayer
Much Victory
  • Your prayer must come from the heart and not from the head.
  • The only battlefield of winning spiritual and spiritually originated warfare and indeed, all warfare is prayer.  The queen once said, “I fear the prayer of John Knox (a prayerful minister) more than all the armies of Great Britain.
  • Pray.  You will never regret you did.  But you will if you didn’t.
  • Pray, God is waiting to hear your voice.
  • There are many waiting for freedom and joy through your prayers.
  • Receive the grace from today. Amen.
"Lead me in Thy truth, and teach me: for Thou art the God of my salvation; on Thee do I wait all the day." Psalm 25:5

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