Luke 18: 1 - 14
References: Psalm 57:1-5, 25:1-6, 91:1
Biblically, prayer is seen as a two way communication between man and God in making a request, petition, supplication and intersession; Also praise and adoration unto God.  It is a time of fellowship with God on a personal basis or in a general or collective fellowship with other believers.  The life of prayer is the act of dwelling in the secret place of the most high.
How do we pray?  This is not about method or posture of prayer but better put, it is a mode of presentation.  Prayer can be in any position or posture, lying down, sitting down, kneeling down, bending down, squatting and standing position, the posture depends on factors such as the environment, atmosphere of the environment, state of the individual’s health, inspiration of the moment, practice of the church, tradition of the people and other factors.  So, how do we present our prayers?
THANKSGIVING AND PRAISE ADORATION.  In Psalms 104 verse 1, “Bless the LORD, O my soul. O LORD my God, thou art very great; thou art clothed with honour and majesty.” Down to the last verse, you see how God is adored.  In Matthew 6 verse 9, the Lord Jesus said “After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.”  God must first be glorified as we give Him thanksgiving in appreciation of the things He has done or will do and Praise or adoration of who and what He is as God.  This links up the human spirit with God’s spirit and connect the earth with the heavens creating an atmosphere of God’s holy presence.
ASK: Matthew 7 verse 7 – 11, Asking means requesting, demanding, petitioning, questioning to understand, crying out for intervention but the scripture must be the guideline whatever one asks must be with understanding and according to the will of God, in total subjection to that will with absolute humility in the heart.  James 4 verse 3, 7 – 10

SEEK : Jeremiah 23 verse 13 Seeking implies searching, investigating, desiring with deep and intense heartfelt emotion, being uncompromising until the desire is granted or the missing treasure found.  This is done by searching for and employing the scriptural promises on an issue or a situation until God’s face or answer is found.  You have not found until you find.  So seeking ends when the missing item, answer or desire shows up.

KNOCK : Psalm 18 verse 3; 22 verse 1; 70 verse 1  In knocking, there is a desperation in receiving immediate answer.  It involves calling on God desperately, interceding as if there is no other time and presenting, reminding and reasoning out your case with God using the scriptures Isaiah 43:26.

Conditions for Answered Prayers : Just like in any other relationship and interaction, there are conditions that bring answers to prayers.

Righteousness and Holiness: Psalm 66:18 1st John 1 verses 5 – 9; the only prayer God hears from everybody without demanding for right-standing and purity before Him is the prayer of repentance and confession of sin.  Every other prayer must be under God’s own way and nature.  Righteousness and holiness is our license and guarantee of access to God.
Trust in God: Psalm 56:3, Proverbs 3: 5 – 6, Psalm 62:8  Trust means to depend, rely, have confidence and assurance on and in God and His words or promises.  Be totally and fully persuaded or convinced that God answers prayers including your own.  Trust, do not try God.  Believe He is who He is. God.

Pray with Faith: Mark 11: 22 – 24  Place the highest premium on God’s faithfulness, mercy, love, care, ability, power and truth.  Do not allow doubt, fear, unbelief, unsteady and wavering thought and mind, but let God be more real in your heart than every physical evidence.

Have Strong Desire: Mark 11:24, Psalm 42: 1 -2  Without a strong desire, the mind will wander away in unbelief, fear and doubt i.e lacking assurance.  Have a strong sense of need and expectation or a strong sense of thirst, hunger and satisfaction.

Be Persistent: Until your desire is delivered into your hands, your prayer must not cease, rather increase the tempo, persevere, do not give up, you only stop when answer has come.  Luke 18: 1 – 5

Pray according to God’s Will : James 4:3, John 16: 23- 28, Luke 16: 13 – 17, to pray according to God’s will is to claim promises of God in the scriptures or to believe scriptures relevant to your need and pray according to what God has said.

Pray with Humility : James 4: 3, 6 – 10, never feel proud before God.  Luke 18:9 – 17

Be Patient : Allow God to do it for you at the right time.  Do not move ahead of Him, endure till your testimony comes from God, remember Abraham and Sarah/Hagar affair.  Psalm 27:13 – 14, 40: 1 – 3

Be Expectant : Expecting is the womb of hope and faith, be pregnant of your desire and keep seeing your day of testimony until it is so.  Psalm 34:5

Confess and Declare : Keep talking and testifying in advance of what God has done, is doing and will do according to His promises. Psalm 91:2, Numbers 13:21-33

Give Thanks : Always be full of thanks in your heart to the Lord, cast away sorrow, worries, anxieties and fear.  Psalm 34: 1 – 4, 1st Thessalonians 5: 16 – 18

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